When is the gathering time?

We have one gathering time on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

How do I get to DayBreak Church?

We are located at 5631 6th Ave in Downtown Kenosha, WI.

Where should I park?

There is free street parking, as well as a free parking lot across from Kaiser’s Pizza.

Is your building and gathering handicap accessible?

Handicap parking in designated areas are available with wheel chair access. The gathering space, as well as restrooms, are on the first floor of the building so as to easily accommodate everyone. Feel free to call or email a staff person if you need special assistance or have questions. We are happy to serve you!

How should I dress?

It’s really up to you; it’s not a big deal to us. A few will be really dressed up, even more will be really dressed down, but most will be casual and comfortable, somewhere in between.

What’s available for kids on sunday?

DayBreak offers an amazing kids ministry that is lively and engaging, helps our children build community, and deepens their relationship with Jesus. Our ministry is available for ages birth through 2nd grade during each Sunday morning gathering.

What do I do before the service starts?

If you arrive before the service starts, you will notice that our gathering space is filled with chairs on the first floor. There are no reserved seats, so you may sit anywhere. Many people will be greeting each other during this time. Don't worry if you arrive just a little after the service has started; our ushers will help you find a seat! Once service starts, we will begin with a message from the pastor, followed by worship.